Cheviot Gazette Press Release: Political Season

Immediate Release

September 15th, 2019

Cheviot Gazette

Political Season

Cheviot— September 15th, 2019 The Cheviot Gazette will be conducting a series of polls within the scope of local government. The Cheviot Gazette will not be covering any national political races. All candidates running for office or re-election can reach the Cheviot Gazette at 513-703-5070 or via email to schedule an interview if they would like to do so.

“We’re going to try and cover as much local politics as we can in the next couple of month's but it’s not without its challenges. We have many other great stories, guest writers, local artists and musicians that we have stories on. We would like to start covering more of Westwood as well. Westwood has a lot to be excited about right now. I wish we had the resources to cover more there.” said William Monnier, Founder at Cheviot Gazette.

The Cheviot Gazette will NOT endorse ANY candidate.

The Cheviot Gazette has decided they will not support any political candidate in the upcoming election or any election.

“We are here to report the news. The only way you can do that accurately is by separating any personal feelings you may have with what is actually happening. We will be critical when it’s fair to be critical and we will give praise when it’s deserved. What side of the political fence that person may reside on should never be in the equation” said William Monnier, Founder, at Cheviot Gazette.

Public Comments

The Cheviot Gazette will not filter any public comments on it's social media pages that have to do with the subject proposed.

“Everyone in the country has a right to free speech. We will not filter out opinions that are related to the corresponding post. If I would make a suggestion, however, it would be to keep in mind that even if our opinions differ, we all want the same result, and that is what’s best for the City of Cheviot. With this in mind, ideally, residents will be able to have constructive debates while treating one another with the appropriate amount of decency.” -William Monnier, Founder, at Cheviot Gazette.

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