Cheviot City Councilwoman Resignation Expected

Actualizado: 28 de abr de 2020

Cheviot City Councilwoman, Alana Tucker, and her family recently purchased a lovely new home located in Green Township. Unfortunately, the qualifications for serving on Cheviot City Council mandate a member must live in their respective ward, or if elected 'At Large,' the City of Cheviot.

pc Alana Tucker: The Tucker's outside their new home

Following the resignation of former Councilman Bill Clark, Tucker was sworn into office on December 6, 2016, by now-former Cincinnati City Councilwoman Amy Murray. Tucker then ran unopposed in ward four in 2017, where she has proudly served the City of Cheviot since. "I love Cheviot," said Tucker, continuing with, "Harding has been our home for over ten years. We will miss walking our neighborhood, taking our son to play at Harvest Home and the Fieldhouse, ice cream at the Cone Zone, and one-stop shopping at R&R, Regina's and Lenny's."

Tucker's tenure over the last three and half years on City Council has largely focused on the revitalization of the city. "I have served on council alongside people that truly love our community. Our city has much to be proud of. I look forward to seeing our city thrive," said Tucker.

Tucker's move was prompted by an opportunity to be closer to her mother, an opportunity she couldn't pass up. Tucker will remain serving on council through May, but is expected to submit her formal letter of resignation to council at the next meeting, slated for May 5.

When a vacancy occurs, the specified members of the city or county committee make an appointment to fill the vacancy within forty-five days. Tucker, a Republican, elected from ward four, means the Republican Precinct Executives in Cheviot will be in charge of choosing her replacement. The Precinct Executives include Alana Tucker, Joe Pahls, Joan Edeler, and Anita Vizedom.

There is no short list of possible replacements as of yet, but the appointee must be a registered Republican residing in ward four. If you are interested in being considered for the position, please contact the Mayor's office or a member of City Council.

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