Branded Woodworks: How Much Wood Could A Brander Work If A Brander Could Work Wood?

Woodworking, according to Wikipedia, “is the activity or skill of making items from wood.” These include anything from furniture to meticulously made sculptures and other decorative items.

There is something astonishing and inspiring about handcrafted wood products that make them quite popular. What’s so great about woodwork items is that they can be customized and personalized to suit specific taste and preferences.

This is the very same reason Dan and Lauren Hendley decided to set up a woodwork business in Cincinnati four years ago.

Who Is Branded Woodworks?

Dan and Lauren have a combined 15+ years of woodwork experience. Both also come from families of craftsmen and artisans. Lauren grew up with grandparents who owned a business that sold handcrafted wood items. She was given a wood burning kit by her grandpa when she was very young. She got burnt one time and never wanted to try it again. Dan, on the other hand, is the son of a master craftsman. He grew up assisting his father in many woodworking projects.

Today, it is Dan and Lauren that do all of the creating, designing, production, and marketing. Thanks to both their extensive backgrounds in creative design and fabrication, they are able to produce intricate, masterful woodwork products, most of which can be personalized.

How Dan and Lauren Met

The couple met in college at the Design Institute of San Diego. Lauren was getting a degree in Interior Design when she met Dan. They instantly connected because of

their shared passion for woodworking. They both love to create and it’s simply amazing what they can do.

After several years of dating, they decided to turn their love for creating handcrafted wood products into an income-generating activity, and Branded Woodworks was born. They said that running a business together was the only thing that made sense if they were to start a future together.

Favorite pieces they have created

Dan and Lauren Hendley create original, exceptional quality, timeless heirloom pieces that can be handed down to future generations. Branded Woodworks specializes in woodworking, pyrography, painting, laser cutting, and carving. They only use locally sourced and sustainable wood to ensure that they are able to help preserve the environment.

At the moment, Branded Woodworks offers various items, including bracelets, earrings, key chains, magnets, ornaments, toys, and home décor.

One of the projects they really enjoyed doing was making numerous hand-sculpted urns. A customer requested them to create urns for the ashes of their beloved mother. Dan and Lauren were humbled by the experience, especially when they handed the finished products to the customer.

Where to find Branded Woodworks

past June, Branded Woodworks was able to join the Westside Market for the first time. A lot of their past customers have encouraged them to join the show. They had a lot of fun at the event and felt that a lot more people have come to appreciate, and understand the amount of time, and craftsmanship they spend to make a single woodwork item.

You can catch Branded Woodworks at the Westside Market this Saturday, July 6th! You can also find them on Etsy (Etsy – BrandedWoodworks or visit them at

Branded Woodworks Full Schedule

"Our 2019 Scheduled SHOWS so far: (I’ll be updating and adding)


Saturday July 13th - Summerfair at Vinkolet Winery


Saturday August 3rd - Westside Market, Cheviot


Saturday September 28th - Madison Chautauqua Festival of Fine Arts 8-6

Sunday September 29th - Madison Chautauqua Festival of Fine Arts 9-4 am


Saturday October 12th - Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

Sunday October 13th - Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

Saturday October 19th - Weber Pumpkin Festival

Sunday October 20th - Weber Pumpkin Festival


Friday November 8th - Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market 11-7

Saturday November 9th - Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market 10-7

Sunday November 10th - Greater Cincinnati Holiday Market 9-5

Saturday November 16th - Oak Hills Craft Show 9-3

Friday November 22nd - Christmas in Springboro in Springboro Ohio

Friday November 22nd - Ryle Highschool PTSA Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

Saturday November 23rd - Christmas in Springboro in Springboro Ohio

Saturday November 23rd - Ryle Highschool PTSA Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

Sunday November 24th - Christmas in Springboro in Springboro Ohio" - Branded Woodworks Facebook page.

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