Bloc screen print shop changing lives one screen at a time

BLOC screen print shop supervisor Jim Green II

BLOC Screen Print is teaching a trade one person at a time

By: Tonya D.Berger

Screen printing saving lives with spreading a wonderful message,and helping the community.

I had the opportunity to sit one on one to learn about BLOC Screen Print,how it got started, and who it’s helping.

Each day starts with a prayer I was told as I sat down with Jim Green II. He works for BLOC Ministries a program that takes the unemployable and gives them a second chance. The program is deep down in the lower parts of Price Hill, where it all started with nothing but an old building and 2 pieces of equipment. Dwight and Stephanie Young started BLOC back in 1988 to help the communities that needed a second chance,Dwight gave a call to Jim to ask if he was hiring. Jim wanted to help change the lives of the people who needed it the most.

He had 24 hours to make a decision that would change his life and the life he has with his wife Karen. Jim had been waiting for a sign from God to make a change in his life. He Was a owner of a landscape company that he was in the process of having his son take over. In July of 2016;Jim started BLOC Screen Print. What I found so wonderful was that Jim is very humble, kind, and has a huge heart.He knows all of this Bloc Screen Print Shop is teaching a trade and saving people each day.

God's plan,to be part of the change and help people who need some guidance learning a trade, that was the path and sign that Jim had been seeking.During my visit at BLOC Screen Print we went through the steps and the process it takes to make a screen print product.;I had my favorite and that was the DD-214 Alumni military green shirt. Jim and his son served in the service so I knew that touched Jim’s heart as much as mine; my dad was in Vietnam.

 BLOC Screen Print started out with just 2 machines and then they were gifted a flash dryer. When needed an upgraded 6 head printer, 2 donors stepped up and wrote checks. They were also gifted a dark room from a young church group called Reynolda Church Youth group from Winston-Salem North Carolina,they measured the room, built the frame, and installed the dark room. They have a partnership with St. Vincent De Paul.who has been a huge supporter of Bloc Screen Print shop. have also been gifted an industrial printer and wash booth. Over time , they have had to buy equipment, but there are generous people who believe in the BLOC program. The doors have been open since July of 2016.

When exploring the shop, you would never know there is more, the ladies visit the shop and make candles to sell to raise money for the Redeemed house. Jim's wife Karen is a critical supported of Jim’s mission to change the world one person at a time. The shop has a welding program and a wood shop they make tables to cutting boards and they sell the shirts and wood products and candles at the Westside market.All of the hard work is shown in the beauty of their work. We cannot forget Maverick the mascot for the shop he helps with showing his love and cheering up the staff and the individuals who are changing their lives one day at a time.

At the BLOC Screen Print building, other skills are also taught to the young men and women working to be clean and stay on the right path. Learning work ethic, with time management putting their heart into something they can make with their own hands means more than anything to these individuals. I met Hannah Hill,who received her certificate of completion. Hannah was the administrative manager and she just finished out her last week with Bloc screen print shop.

Jim told me that God has a plan and he feels with his heart that there is more to be accomplished,the future of screen printing is moving to the next level. When God has a plan he needs people to work that plan out and help change someone's life,as of now BLOC Screen Print is doing what is best for the community helping and teaching and listening and mentoring young and old who need  fresh start and given that second chance.

That day I took home with me not just a shirt for my dad but I took home something I can't get in a store or sitting on my front porch. I took home the fact that looking inside your heart and wanting to help someone is something that we all can do. One day at a time and just takes opening that one door. Having a mission BLOC stands for :

BELIEVING :in the power of hope (in Christ to save .

Living :where we serve(by being consistently present in our community)

ONE: One to one (relationships and discipleship)

CHRIST:in us (in all that we do)

One BLOC website

Maverick shop mascot

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