Bill Seitz Backtracks on Exposed Metro Bailout Email

The following email correspondence is between Republican State Representative Bill Seitz, District 30, and Hamilton County resident Mr. Breiner. The following is a response from Representative Seitz to Mr. Breiner.

In Seitz's response, he corrects Mr. Breiner by stating the funds levied for Issue 7 would not be used for a city "bailout" but instead they would be used to "bailout" Metro. "I don't think this is a bailout of the City though; it is a 'bailout' of Metro (a separate entity) and a reduction in the City income tax," states Seitz via email.

The Cheviot Gazette contacted Representative Seitz to follow up with his statement on government bailouts. The email the Gazette sent to Mr. Seitz is stated below.

State Representative Seitz responded to our email on March 13, 2020, with the following response, stating Issue 7 is not a bailout for SORTA (Metro). "As to your second request, this is not a bailout for SORTA. It merely changes the funding stream from an income tax to a sales tax." - Bill Seitz via email.

The email State Representative Seitz sent regarding our first question can be downloaded


We then followed up with Representative Seitz asking him to clarify his previous email with Mr. Breiner. We also sent Mr. Breiner's email along with our request for clarification.

Representative Seitz responded to our request to clarify these seemingly contradictory statements with this email sent to the Cheviot Gazette.

Does Representative Bill Seitz's explanation hold water, or has he been caught saying something he would prefer voters to not see? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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