Bee Puns Really Sting: My Gaiser Bee Co Order.

I recently visited Gaiser Bee Co. website in search of a T-Shirt. I had one mission, find shirt, buy shirt, check out. With pretty much all of my internet shopping orders however, I never get off quite that easy.

When my order came today I was so impressed with the packaging, and care of the items, I just had to share.

Lets open the case...

This is a sticker. You can stick on it on things and it will stay there.

First, the FreeBEE's

This is bee candy. Made with 100% USA Honey. It is also John Cougar Mellencamp's favorite.

Bee's love riddles, and passing on their bee knowledge. This helpful need to know was included (answer on back) with the jar of honey I bought.

This is the honey I bought. I went with the raw because I'm a raw kinda guy. Also included was my trusty bee stick. I never leave home without it.

"Ever had RAW honey, straight from the hive? It's mother nature's most natural, most delectable candy. These squeeze bottles are filled with freshly extracted honey, directly from hive to bottle. Our honey comes from one of the 50 hives in the apiary on our urban farm in Cincinnati, Ohio." -Gaiser Bee Co.

This is my favorite item. An owl bee-wax candle! This owl of mine was only $5!

**ALL candles are 100% Ohio-local beeswax and HAND-POURED**

DID YOU KNOW : "Beeswax candles clean the air and reduce indoor pollutants, they can effectively reduce asthma, allergies, and hay fever as well. They are also an effective allergen reducer for animals with allergies." - Gaiser Bee Co.

In closing this is one of my favorite knock knock jokes....

Knock Knock,

Whose there?


Who, Who?

What are you an owl?

Crowd falls to floor in uncontrollable laughter.

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