Are Your Tax Dollars Paying For City Council Criminals?

Today's write in is submitted by: Vicky Lind

Do you remember who hosted the "Spotlight Report?"

It has come to public attention that five City of Cincinnati council members - Wendell Young, P.G. Sittenfeld, Chris Seelbach, Tamaya Dennard, and Greg Landsman - have all admitted as part of a settlement agreement that they broke Ohio Open Meetings Law (revised Code 121.22), by secretly discussing public business in a string of group text messages. -Source

As if attempting to keep secrets from the public were not bad enough, legal fees for the attorney were $90,000, for the informant $11,000, along with court costs, and other potential, smaller fines that may have been imposed. Guess who paid for all this? The City of Cincinnati... with mine and your tax dollars; furthermore, the city has made no effort to require these individuals to reimburse both it, and ultimately, its law abiding citizens.

Why should your tax money pay for these council members' crimes, when each of them already receives almost $67,000 of your tax dollars every year? Why should these council members not pay for their own legal expenses? Are tax payers really to be punished for what these individuals did? If you or I committed a crime, do you think for one minute that not only would the city pay our legal fees, but also not require us to pay them back?

The city needs to sue these council members immediately to recover our stolen tax money along with terminating them from city council. The city also needs to implement a new law, preventing any elected official who breaks the law in a way relating to their elected position, from ever running again for any city office. This isn't about traffic tickets or other petty offenses. When an elected official breaks the law, and in doing so betrays their elected oaths, they also betray the people they have sworn to represent. Ask yourself if you want someone on your city council who is not only willing to do things behind your back, but also expects you to pay for their mistakes. You cannot trust someone like that to have the city's, much less your, best interests at heart. It is time we start holding elected officials accountable.

*Disclaimer* This write in was submitted by a Cincinnati resident. The views and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Cheviot Gazette.**

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