2nd Quarter Police Report Shows Crime Down In Cheviot

Police Chief of the City of Cheviot, Emmett Stone, submitted the department's activity report for the 2nd quarter of 2020 to City Council on July 23, of this year.

The Cheviot Police Department received 1395 calls for service in the 2nd quarter from the Hamilton County Communications Center. Police also responded to 486 self-initiated/non-billed details for a total of 1881 responses. The department's officers logged a total of 4730 entries for the 2nd quarter into the city's Pamet/Sundance reporting system. According to the report these entries represent extra jobs, building checks, vacation checks, business checks, directed patrol as well as the listed dispatches.

Although law enforcement logged nearly 1200 more entries in the 2nd quarter of 2020, than they did in 2019, crime in the city seems to be down.

2nd Quarter Miscellaneous Detail information:


2020 - 11

2019 - 13

Dispatched Burglaries & Breaking & Entering

2020 - 17

2019 - 30


Lock Out Assists

2020 - 17

2019 - 23

Auto Accidents

2020- 54

2019 - 69

Chief Stone almost mentioned in the department's report that Officers Bittner and Reinshagen received letters of commendation from the Cheviot Fire Department. Both officers starting CPR and their assistance when Medics arrived on the scene helped tremendously in saving the life of a Cheviot resident.

Read the full 2nd quarter report here.

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